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    The WºRM hotel

    The WºRM is a worm hotel within which lives an eco-system of soil organisms. The billions of micro-organisms that make the compost live in a complex eco-system in which the compost worms are the shepherds. The compost worms help to speed up the composting process by multiplying and spreading beneficial bacteria in the material to be composted. They also enrich the compost with their Worm Poop. When a worm hotel is used to compost green waste, the user learns to cooperate with this natural system and experiences their own role in this natural cycle.
    Compost The WºRM Continuous Flow System is designed so that use does not have to be interrupted to harvest the compost. When the worm hotel is well filled with compost ready for harvesting, the compost will have become compact at the bottom. The compost worms then live in the top layer of the composting material. When the compost at the bottom is removed the compost worms are left alone and can continue to do their useful work.

    Parts of the WºRM hotel:
    • The garden bins on top provide space for (edible) greenery. The middle bin(s) are movable and are also the access for the insertion of green waste.
    • The Compost Room is one large compartment with a bottom made of bamboo bars. This is where the compost worms and soil organisms live.
    • Sliding doors at the front for harvesting the worm compost.
    • A viewing window on the side to see the compost worms at work.
    • Plastic containers underneath to collect the leachate (worm tea).


    The WºRM hotel is manufactured from Douglas wood harvested from sustainably maintained forests in Europe. Bamboo is used on the inside because of its good resistance to mold. In addition, the parts in direct contact with the compost are lined with breathable and moisture-permeable plastic cloth to ensure good ventilation of the compost.
    Donation To contribute to reforestation Compostier donates for every realized worm hotel 2 trees to the Treesforall foundation. ( this is about €10,- a year) The Treesforall projects have a broad impact and contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions.

    Circularity of choosing a worm hotel:
    • Through the worm hotel, OSP/FMO has as little Waste as possible.
    • Because of the worm hotel it produces about 500 liters per year of compost which is delivered to the gardens ATV Loolaan.
    • On the worm hotel herbs/plants are grown which are used by OSP catering at FMO.

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