Campus Uilenstede 4

    Laan van Kronenburg,


    Model: WºRM31

    22 leden

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    Over deze groep

    The worm hotels at Campus Uilenstede are part of a pilot initiated by Compostier in association with Enactus VU. The pilot aims to increase awareness amongst students that live on campus to use green waste in a sutainable and responsible way. The worm hotels are offering a simple and effective tool for composting the green waste locally. The vermicompost that is produced is shared amongst the students that take part to this pilot to grow plants on campus.

    This worm hotel is the first on campus that will be used both by students and a local restaurant. The Il Café will take part to this pilot to compost greenwaste from the kitchen of their two locations.

    This worm hotels on campus Uilenstede is the type WºRM31 and can be used by approximately 30 students plus the Il Café.

    Inside the worm hotel a complex eco-system of soil organisms work closely togehter to transform green waste into black gold: the vermicompost. Vermicompost is full of living organisms that help increase biodiversity in and above the soil. Using vermicompost in the garden has many benefits. Plants will grow stronger, food produced will taste better and less water is needed for the plants to grow.

    The pilot was made possible by the municipality of Amstelveen and DUWO.

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