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    On the rooftop garden of Økern Portal a Compostier worm hotel is placed to be able to produce a high quality vermicompost for the communal garden. Inside the wooden furniture a complex eco-system of soil organisms work together to turn green waste into new living soil. The worms inside the worm hotel are helping to speed up the composting process and enrich the compost with their castings (worm poop).

    The texture of the vermicastings are rich of benificial micro-organisms and are beneficial for the soil by increasing to the abbility of the soil to maintain moisture and oxygen.

    Compostier designs and realises worm hotels for community composting projects, for office buildings and restaurants and for schools. Compostier is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


    Økern Portal

    The rooftop of the modern office building Økern Portal in the city of Oslo, Norway is covered with the biggest green roof parc of Scandinavia. The surface of the rooftop is 7000m² of which 5000m² are used for growing edible plants. All of the plants used on the roof are edible. The rooftopgarden was designed and is maintained by the urban green developping company U-reist.

    A large area of the roof is used for growing food. This is done by a community of neighbours and people that work in the office building. The food that is grown is shared under the members.

    To feed the soil of  the roofgarden a composting machine is used in the building to compost the foodwaste from the restaurants in the building. For educational purposes and to produce a high qualtiy vermicompost for the communal garden a worm hotel is placed on the roof.

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